Grow your own vegetables 2017​​

Herbs March 2017

We always have a good selection of vegetable seeds.

18- April- 2017  sees the arrival of more vegetable plants as detailed below.  If you would like to receive a notification of when more new vegetable plants are available then please send us your details by using the button below, or look at this page regularly.

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The tables below show what is available from 18th April.

Vegetable Plants
6 plants per pack
At £2.65 per pack
Broccoli Summer Purple
Brocoli Purple Sprouting
Brussel Sprout Maximus
Cabbage Red
Cabbage Early Pointed
Cabbage Marabel
Cabbage Stonehead
Cabbage Savoy Wirosa
Calabrese Marathon
Cauliflower Amazing
Kale Darkibor
Parsley Curled
Leek Zermatt
Lettuce (various)

10cm Pots Summer Vegetables
£1.25p each unless otherwise stated.
Aubergine Moneymaker
Chilli Pepper Apache @ £1.75
Chilli Pepper Cheyenne @ £1.75
Courgette F1 Yellow
Courgette Green Bush
Cucumber Female @ £1.75
Cucumber Mini Munch @ £1.75
Cucumber Petita @ £1.75
Hot Chilli Jalapeno @ £1.75
Tomato Alicante
Tomato Beefmaster
Tomato Cherrola
Tomato Gardeners Delight
Tomato Santonio (Rosada)
Tomato Shirley
Tomato Sungold
Tomato Supersweet 100
Tomato Tumbling Tom Red


Arriving all the time - the notes show what is available on 18th April

Herbs All in 9cm or 1 litre pots Price Notes
Chives £1.99 Available now
Chives (garlic) £1.99 Available now
Coriander (various types) £1.99 Available now
Curry Plant £1.99
Dill £1.99 Available now
Fennel (Bronze) £1.99 Available now
Fennel (common) £1.99 Available now
Horseradish £1.99 Available now
Marjoram £1.99 Available now
Mint (Various) £1.99 Available now
Origanum (Various) £1.99 Available now
Parsley (French) £1.99 Available now
Parsley Curled £1.99 Available in 6 pack
Rosemary £1.99 Available now
Sage (Common) £1.99 Available now
Sage (Purple) £1.99 Available now
Tarragon French £1.99 Available now
Thyme (various) £1.99 Available now
Lemon Verbena £1.99